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Drew Verlee15:12:05

Where would i find good marketing material on Datomic? I’m thinking specifically about the ability to compose queries, something i can’t do in SQL.


@drewverlee are you looking for printed/pdf type stuff or videos/interviews/etc?

Drew Verlee15:12:51

I’m looking for technical material, the format is less important.


a customer story specifically about query composition


Hey folks, I’m struggling trying to remember how to do a very prosaic query that finds entities with values that are not in a given input set


Hi, does anyone know offhand what one would use to determine if a transactor is ‘healthy’. We’re a Terraform shop so i’ve created a config that creates the dynamodb, transactor instnaces, etc etc. Everything works fine, but I need the ‘external’ check such that I can have the AWS infrastructure take a bad instance out of the ASG I was trying to do a TCP ping, but it looks like the standby transactor doesn’t even accept connections, perhaps smartly 😉


ah… duh 😞 lol, totally missed that, was pinging the actual transactor (e.g 4334) listener Thanks!


@donaldball might you be referring to the function missing?


as in [(missing? $ some-entitty some-attribute)]


no, I was looking for entities with values that aren’t in a given set. My problem was merely syntax: (not [(contains? ?the-set ?v)])


To anyone who has wanted to get :db/ident values for refs from pull expressions (i.e. the behavior of d/entity for "enum" entities), consider up-voting this feature request:


I thought only I was bothered by this


indeed that would be a nice feature.