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i'm still confused about pagination of query results in datomic, the whole thing about using the datoms API still seems weird, and almost feels like not the right way to do pagination, so i decided to ask a question on SO, it might end up helping others that might end up facing this same problem in the future


i'd really appreciate any answers on that, it's driving me nuts all the possibilities i could use to solve this problem xD


@U06GS6P1N Thanks for answer! My understanding almost reached the same point as what you described in your answer regarding the limitations, I just needed someone to confirm it. It seems that Datomic is not the best fit for all use cases, and specially not for a side project attempting to be a Twitter clone


@U6PCW7E9F well I would rather say that Datomic does not address all the needs of a data system; what Datomic excels at is being a system of records, i.e a transactional entry point for your system. I'd much rather have a Datomic + some derived data stores than just a SQL database that I will end up de-normalizing :)


how can i describe the lack of two associations. i tried (and (not-join...) (not-join...)) but that doesn't seem to be a legal use of and/not-join


@fabrao those “connected peers” are Peers, not end-user clients. Does your current architecture support 30-40 connections to your mysql DB, or 30-40 connections to your Ring server, which talks to the database? If it’s the latter, Datomic-free would work for you because your Ring server would be one Peer.