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we're seeing indexing alarms and what looks to me like transactions causing the transactor to timeout and miss heartbeat, causing a failover to the standby transactor. search google and looking at our stats, it appears it's related to our high sustained write volumes (over 500MB during some minutes). would increasing writeConcurrency help with this? if so, what are safe values to try?


I am creating a new datomic in-memory database on every test run, then deleting it, but there seems to be some memory overhead to doing this numerous times


Is anything being kept in memory? e.g. an open connection, or else? And can I release it?


We are seeing this error when upgrading our dynamo-based datomic peer to 0.9.5561.54 or 0.9.5561.50. Has anyone seen this / can advise?

ClassCastException cannot be cast to com.amazonaws.AmazonWebServiceResult  datomic.ddb/fn--9598 (ddb.clj:47)


@erichmond what are you upgrading from? What other AWS related dependencies do you have in your project?


from 0.9.5561 and aha


good idea. what is that command? lein deps --tree ?


lein deps :tree, got it, thanks


Hi Guys, I am interested in running Datomic with Finagle ( Why? We are using it on most of our stack (http,thrift,kafka and iso8583) We benefit from using finagle Futures chaining; In our microservices architecture, pretty much every port (from ports and adapters) has its own component. When we implement our components using finagle, we get circuit-breakers, expo backoff, and self-healing almost for free. We current have an issue that when a Peer fails to reach the transactor for a long enough time period, we have a hard trip for our circuit breaker and we need to restart the peer application; We could implement self-healing and expo-backoff in our own datomic wrapper library, but it could be better if we just had a finagle library wraping datomic component; To do that, I basically need: a way to get the transactor host from the connection encode and decode data that is being transacted or queried (I believe we use use fressian + edn on datomic, but I couldnt confirm) Have you heard of anyone doing this or could you tell me if you think that doesnt make any sense?