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Ethan Miller14:05:44

@souenzzo I think you might be talking about nested component entities? If so, see here for one:

Ethan Miller14:05:07

I'm trying to connect to a transactor deployed to AWS (e.g. "datomic:<ddb://us-east-1/<system>/<db>...%22|ddb://us-east-1/<system>/<db>...">). When I do this in the repl located in my datomic folder it works, but when I do it in my local project folder in the repl I get this error:

CompilerException java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class datomic.ddb_cluster__init, compiling:(form-init1336530578825920965.clj:1:11)
My first thought was that there was something wrong with the datomic project imported into my project, but connecting to a dev transactor works just fine.

Ethan Miller14:05:19

Anyone have any thoughts?


I think you now need to manually include the lib for the storage you require @ezmiller77


awesome that cas allow from nil to :value!!!!


I don't suppose anyone from the Datomic team is around?