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hi guys, is using #db/fn with conformity the correct way to run data migration in datomic ?


@nxqd I cannot speak for "the correct way", but yes, it's a pretty effective one. There's nothing magical to it, this blog post may help you understand how it all works: Shameless plug: equivalent functionality is also provided in Datofu, with some built-in generic db functions to help you write migrations, see here (


I want to move my toy Vase app to a permanent DB, rather than the default in-memory. I've installed the Datomic Starter version, but am not sure what to do next. I've found a variety of docs that each seem to have 80% of what I need, but there are enough redundancies and contradictions that I don't see a clear path forward. I'm initially interested in doing a dev configuration, but also want to be able to configure for production pretty soon.


After that, prod storage setup is covered here


Thanks! I'll go through that carefully in a bit. I see one question already: that doc describes specifying the access key and secret as parameters to client/connect. But, Vase uses a datomic-Url instead. What is the syntax for passing in the parameters there? I found major hints in, but none that seemed to match this case exactly. 😞


Secret and access key are used by peer server and client, not by peers


Peer access is secured via access to storage


I.e. sql user and pw or IAM role access control to ddb


@marshall Ok, thanks. I'll work through the docs and will moan back if I hit any snags. Probably won't get to this until tomorrow.