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@fenton Looks really cool. Thank you, a interduction of that size was a bit missing.


I hope i will remember to give feedback when read it.


I also tried similar code here, probably due to a documentation Error? It works fine in the peer side, but tips me error once switch to client. Pretty strange. Or, does it mean that I should use a peer for stability(internal fns)?


@fenton Maybe since this is a tutorial you should stick to the recommended fully qualified keywords (:user/cars instead of :cars)


In the docstring for tx-range, tx numbers are referenced. What are they? A count of transactions? (0, 1, 2…)


@fenton: I think this is pretty great, and a much needed resource. One thing you might want to consider is that as of recently, you can use string temp-ids or in many cases omit the :#db/id field altogether, which might make some of your sample data a little more precise. See "tempids" here:


Those are great points Tim, I'll update the tutorial soon!


@nickik @yonatanel thank you guys for your suggestions and feedback... I'll include.


@yonatanel I never really understood exactly what one gained by namespacing. Is there more to it than just keeping things a bit more orderly? Are they a kind of standing for RDBMS tables. Any pointers to commentary would help me explain the topic to others. Thanks. Keep in mind I'm rather daft 😉