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Hi, how can I get the latest 9 entries from my datomic data store. I want the latest 9 :author/email .. how would I go about doing that?


@sova you can iterate on the Log and search for the corresponding datoms... but oftentimes its best to have an explicit time attribute on the entity.

Ethan Miller15:03:39

Is it possible to add entities to the db without a schema, say for testing simple db utility functions?


@ezmiller77: I don't think so. But, depending what kind of utility functions you're testing, it might be worth noting that datomic.api/q can be used against a static list of facts rather than a Datomic DB. This way you could conjure up whatever data you wanted without touching a schema.

Ethan Miller16:03:44

Yeah… was thinking about that. I might be testing for no good reason, since I was basically just testing (d/pull)


Fair enough. :)


How suitable is datomic-free as a private in-memory database of a stream processing node, or an actor, agent etc?


Hi! I want a case insensitive where clause. Someone know if it's possible and how can I do that? I already tried this but not worked for me. Worked partially but if I use "you" as input and have this records "you" and "Youtube", it'll return both of them. How can I just retrieve the exact match?