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How would I query for elements that were transacted in the last 24 hours?


Okay, Got a question for the experts!


So, I have a bunch of things (entities). Some of them are blurbs. Some are ratings. Some are comments. I do a time query on $log and get all the entities, but all I want to know is which blurbs have occurred between time1 & time2.


So my question is, does it make sense to:


1) time query on $log, because fast. 2) sequentially iterate-query through result set, find out which eids are blurbs 3) use those matching eids to get a result set for later.


"Last 24 hours of blurbs" is pretty much my mark / aim here, so I think this approach is good, but I'm wondering what the best way is to do step 2 without duplicated efforts