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I’m writing an update function that takes user supplied data from a form and updates their user entity. Can someone look over this and tell me if I’m doing it in an idiomatic way? Or if I have any security problems?


is it possible to retract entity and specify additional arg in query? Like delete in SQL with where clause. What I have [:db.fn/retractEntity entity-id] but I also want to say where [user-id :book/creator-id]. Wasn’t able to find such example in the docs


for those on AWS, what are the recommended cloudwatch alarms? for starters, I’d like to know if a transactor is low on memory or goes down


@val_waeselynck: Woops! So used to creating a db value for querying I musta just tossed that in. And you’re right, I don’t need to merge anything except the :db/id. Thanks! Much appreciated.


hi everyone. I’m an experienced JSON & restful oriented developer, and I’m interested in trying out datomic for a couple of new projects. tips for some step by step tutorials would be really welcome!


the marketing material worked! I want to believe 😄


hello guys, I bet this question has already been asked but my datomic console when launched with bin/console -p 8080 mbrainz datomic: (after install script) throw this error =>

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Implementing class...


@baptiste-from-paris Are you using datomic FREE? There is a known issue with Datomic FREE and console. We're working on a fix. If you register for Datomic starter (which is free to use) the Datomic PRO edition has no classpath issue with using console.


I believe we broke this on 5544 so 5407 FREE has a working console


@baptiste-from-paris you need to use the original version the console was intended for as free user


try datomic-free-0.9.5372 and datomic-console-0.1.214 - that worked fine for me (they were released on the same day)


@nottmey is correct any Free version up to and including 5407 will work. But on 5544 and after the console is currently broken.


Also an important side note. Free does not include Clients. You'll need to use Datomic Pro if you're looking to test out Clients


you only need to do this for the bin/console command though, the transactor can run on the newest version


@dazld: you might start with I'm not aware of any other tutorial-type materials. I also found the videos at to be super helpful when I was just learning datomic.