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Ethan Miller10:01:15

Hello, I’m facing a tech choice problem that I can’t solve and wonder if people here have some thoughts. I want to build a server that can serve text (markdown) files edited in a text editor. These files would represent individual research notes or some kind of longer text, essay or “blog”. But I want the server also be able to serve versioning information about these texts. I started by trying to use git as a database for this, but it felt like I was using a tool really meant for something else. Trying to write a sql-like language for git seemed wrong. Then I thought about datomic, which has versioning, and is just really interesting on any number of levels. It’s almost perfect. BUT: I would need to write some sort of editor interface to save changes etc, which is something that I’m really trying to avoid. Does anyone here have any thoughts about what tech I should choose for this? I’ve wondered if there is a way to automatically port updates tracked by git into datomic. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d be much obliged.

Ethan Miller19:01:15

Is there a way to put the datomic peer server command in the system path, or what is the appropriate way to run the peer-server when using it for a project?

Ethan Miller19:01:55

It seems odd to link the datomic /bin directory to the path, given that the command to run it is just the very general run.