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hyper basic question: where is the transactor properties file where I should paste my license key? this isn’t really explained in the getting started docs that I can see…


ah you mean where the file is?


> Once your Storage Service is configured, you can start the Transactor locally by running bin/transactor. It takes a properties file as input.


Actually, I think that that’s not what I need. I’m trying to go through the getting started docs. They say to start a db like so: bin/run -m datomic.peer-server -p 8998 -a myaccesskey,mysecret -d firstdb,datomic:


I’m guessing myaccesskey and mysecret need to be provided in this command. But not sure where to get those.


A Peer Server is a new concept, I haven't worked with those yet


Thinking of following along with this as a start instead:


Seems to install datomic in the context of a leinigen app...


I think that vid is too old. Getting all sorts of weird errors.


The [docs on the peer-server]( say this with regard to the access key/secret: > The access-key and secret are opaque strings. Clients must provide a matching access-key and secret to connect.


So, I guess maybe in the command above the myaccesskey is actually just meant to be the access key, and the same for the secret.


hi guys, is there somethng like an ‘explain plan’ for datomic? I have a query that’s not doing what I told it to do lol, but it ‘appears’ to be correct. Just wondering if there’s a way to dump/log, what it’s doing in terms of evaluation