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wow, that’s awesome @alexmiller ; til about supers and those two class graph libs


is there a way to use spec that works with both maps and datomic's entitymaps?


We wrote a metrics callback handler for capturing Datomic peer metrics in CloudWatch which I hope might come in handy for someone else too.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:12:18

@wei no - s/keys relies on being able to iterate the map and you can't do that with entity maps. There is a ticket about this. One option is to put the entity into a map first by either into or select-keys

kwladyka15:12:51 - how you deal with data transformation datomic <-> spec? I mean what is your data structure in situation like that and what do you use to transform it from datomic -> spec and from spec -> datomic. I can use :product/id keys in app, but then i will feel like i am doing structure especially for datomic in the app.


I currently run the transactor with "-Xms384m -Xmx384m" and ...


but no matter what i try, I get that error on start up on the peer side


any help understanding what is wrong would be appreciated


this is free-0.9.5407 in case it matters


hmm, one thing I am noticing is I get this error even without the transactor running


ok, so setting -Xm*512m in the peer seems to have fixed it: its like the peer needs its own too?


@ghaskins has a pretty comprehensive explanation of all the knobs and dials on this topic

Drew Verlee22:12:08

has anyone had success using this buildpack to deploy an app + datomic to heroku? It looks so nice and then i hit a: Error: Could not find or load main class clojure.main which suggests its not building the jar i think.

Drew Verlee22:12:42 <-- the builder of the buildpack i used seems to suggest using the openspace isn't just for security, but is necessary. That might be my issue?

Drew Verlee22:12:07

I guess ill pivot back to the AWS methods 🙂


@alexmiller re: spec and entity maps - I’ve been doing this but it’s not composable and you can’t validate a ref, for example. do you have any suggestions?

(defmacro valid? [spec m]
  `(clojure.spec/valid? ~spec (into {} ~m)))

(defmacro assert [spec m]
  `(clojure.spec/assert ~spec (into {} ~m)))


We finally and officially have Datomic in production wooooooooo


congrats @bhagany! we’re running datomic in production as well 🙂