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So I know everybody has their own version of this… But I have just “finished" my first iteration of my “datomic helpers" library. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated:

Matt Butler15:11:41

I want to do a case insensitive search on a string value, from googling I’ve gathered its possible but haven’t found any info on how to implement it, any pointers? 🙂


@mbutler: [(.equalsIgnoreCase ^String ?db-val ?val)]

Matt Butler15:11:21

ah awesome @petr , I seem to remember something about needing to require a function into the file if it wasn't in clj.core that the case here?


Not as far as I know


Or not anywhere I’ve done it

Matt Butler15:11:18

Ok cool, well thanks again :thumbsup:


Hi all... I've figured out how to use reified transactions such that I'm attaching a :request/person ref to each transaction pointing to the logged-in user, but I'm a little baffled by how I query the data to get the reified data out. Anyone have examples of that?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:11:12

@mbutler that’s a function on java.lang.String. all java.lang classes are imported by default.


@timgilbert This blog post: discusses how to use the log API to pull out data about transactions


I’d also suggest the reified transactions video here:


Cool, thanks @marshall, that looks helpful. I did watch that video some time back and thought it was really good, but I've found it difficult to grep through 😉


there’s your unicorn company idea - grep for videos


@timgilbert I was just wondering the same. I made this to test just that:


hope it helps


Thanks @jarppe, that is helpful