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can i restore a database that was backed up as name A but restore it to name B -- the transactor has no existing copies of the db in storage?


@robert-stuttaford: sure can "Restore can rename databases. However, you cannot restore a single database to two different URIs within the same storage.” —


thanks, Stuart. i thought so, but i wasn't sure


@conaw have you found an answer?


@leontalbot: my answer was to only recursively pull explicit relationships, and then pull wildcard for each of those separately


Is it possible to enforce Datomic to do a write and fail with a uniqueness conflict if it will do an update, that is if a lookup-ref already exists?


The driving force for this is to explicitly separate creating new entities from updating existing ones.


It seems like one possible solution is to create a database function that does a lookup for any possible look-up refs and fails the transaction if results come back, but I was hoping there may be a more straightforward solution.

Chris O’Donnell21:06:34

@pheuter: I believe if you use :db.unique/value rather than :db.unique/identity, you'll get the fail rather than update behavior (see


Hm, but doesn’t :db.unique/value serve as a lookup ref as well?


Oh I see: > Unique values have the same semantics as unique identities, with one critical difference: Attempts to assert a new tempid with a unique value already in the database will cause an IllegalStateException.


Good catch!