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Is there a way to force a transactor to take over? I have a transactor plugged to a MySQL storage but it stays in standby although I'm pretty sure no other transactor is connected (there was one before but I had to kill it - maybe it left the storage in a bad state somehow?)

Ben Kamphaus01:05:56

@noziar transactor will automatically take over unless there's a live heartbeat from another transactor.

Ben Kamphaus01:05:28

@noziar You can run datomic.peer/transactor-endpoint (side note: diagnostics tool, not stable api, so don’t use outside of this intended purpose) to sanity check what the current transactor endpoint is.


Amazing! datomic.peer/transactor-endpoint was exactly what I needed to figure out where the transactor was. Thanks a lot!


is there a way to specify that pull should follow all non-component refs?


pulled this line off of the Non-component Defaults part of the pull documentation: > If the reference is to a non-component attribute, the default is to pull only the :db/id.


suggests there may be a way to override the default without changing schema?


the implied way to override the defaults is to use a map-spec instead of a bare attr-name. I don't think you can follow all non-component refs -- unless you build a pull expr using the schema, maybe?


yeah I haven’t been able to find a way other than being explicit about each ref that I want to follow