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@bkamphaus and friends: is Datomic ‘complete’? Last major feature release was Jan last year, with 0.9.5130. Is anything new going to be added/updated?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:03:43

I don't think anyone believes Datomic is "complete" :)


Yes, new Datomic things are coming.


As usual, though, we follow the first rule of Datomic future club.


of course. the key disadvantage to that rule is that it doesn’t allow for letting non-members knowing whether the club is still meeting at all, or not simple_smile


Hey, kind of a philosophical question, but datomic’s pricing model seems a little hostile to a microservices architecture, since every new microservice peer I add winds up counting as a CPU. I can sort of shield the datomic bits behind a bespoke API or the REST API, but then I’m losing a lot of the benefits its distributed architecture, eg the caching. Just curious if this is something the datomic team has thought about or has recommendations about...


@timgilbert: as a datapoint - we had a similar question and even had a call with Datomic people ~9 months ago. They didn't offer any alternative licencing models at the time.


Is it possible to call d/pull on a collection? Instead of

(map #(d/pull db pull-exp %) eids)