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@elijahchancey: What exactly keeps you from creating a transactor?


Is there a way to get more feedback from ./bin/datomic restore-db file:./data/db-backup datomic:? A progress bar, and/or a few prints outlining the steps it is taking would be tremendous.


@gerstree: This is what happens when I try to create the transactor


$ bin/datomic ensure-transactor
$ bin/datomic ensure-cf

com.amazonaws.AmazonServiceException: The security group 'ec2-securitygroup-databases-xxxx’ does not exist in default VPC 'vpc-xxxxxxx’ (Service: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidGroup.NotFound; Request ID: xxxxxx)


in our environment we have multiple VPCs to separate our infrastructure. it’s important for us to be able to specify which VPC to create the datomic infrastructure in so it can communicate with the correct EC2 resources. The default VPC isn’t specific enough.


Also, the security group ec2-securitygroup-databases-xxxx does exist, but it’s in a different VPC than the default VPC.


@elijahchancey: at present the ensure-, etc. process doesn’t accommodate VPC. It’s a feature request we’re considering to document steps or to have it supported via the auto/generative steps. We do have some users who generate the cloud formation json with create-cf-template initially, then edit additional information for VPC. There are users who use the transactor AMI still while doing so.


@elijahchancey: Yeah, VPC is the reason we left the ensure process and roll our own setup.


We currently run the transactor as a docker container in AWS ECS. You could do that (if you are looking for trouble of a different kind 😉 )


@bkamphaus @gerstree thanks for the workaround suggestions!


Whenever you need more details, ping me.