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@bkamphaus: is it possible that a peer will remain up, but have its notification queue down for quite a while ? (15-30 mins) or possibly never recover?


Are peer licenses per JVM or are they per host?


per JVM in my experience


@lucasbradstreet: ckarlsen is correct - the license is intended to be per JVM


K, good to know. Thanks!


Is there a way for db.cardinality/many attributes to preserve order, or is it exclusively for sets?

Ben Kamphaus18:03:21

@therabidbanana: exclusively sets, you’d have to provide your own data modeling for order (i.e. next for lists, enumerated order attrs, etc.), or use something sortable and wrap query results or datoms calls with a sort-by.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:03:18

he's too modest to mention it here, but @bkamphaus did a great writeup about AlphaGo if you're interested in what Ben does besides supporting Datomic. :)

Ben Kamphaus18:03:32

<— known AI sympathizer.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:03:42

aka "human battery for the machines"

Ben Kamphaus19:03:07

I’m waiting for the GCU Prosthetic Conscience to come by and displace me on board. Any day now.


trivia: the original script of the matrix had the humans as CPU hardware, not batteries, which is why Neo could hack the system. Later revisions changed them to batteries, to dumb it down

Ben Kamphaus19:03:22

@alexmiller @arohner that’s enough, take this to the #C0533TY12 room.