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every entity has a tx, you could lookup up precisely those txes in the log


Hey, so it looks like my datomic transactor (0.9.5130) is dying 5-6 times a day with the message: 2015-08-21 01:37:28.879 ERROR default datomic.process - {:tid 184, :pid 1848, :message "Critical failure, cannot continue: Heartbeat failed”} Could this be due to memory settings? We are running them on c3-xlarge with the following memory settings: memory-index-threshold=64m memory-index-max=512m object-cache-max=1g


I am trying to recursively touch an entity to realize it so that I can send the it over a websocket... however its not working.


it does touch the sub entity but when printing out the original entity, the subentity is not realized


sonnyto: doseq returns nil. you’d need to use for to get the results


sonnyto: however, it looks like what you’re trying to accomplish can be done with the pull API, so I’d look at that first