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@shofetim: if you’re ok with System Time being synonymous with Domain time - that is, datomic’s transaction time is good enough for your app’s notion of the time when things occured, then you can simply use d/as-of and d/since to constrain queries about time


if you have timestamps that differ to Datomic’s transaction time, then you can annotate transactions as you write them


@(d/transact conn
             [[:db/add (d/tempid :db.part/tx) :your.domain/timestamp ts]
              ... ])


anything you write to a tempid for :db.part/tx will be asserted on the reifed transaction entity directly


then, you can use d/filter to write your own as-of and since filters. i’ve not yet done this personally, so i don’t know how to do that performantly, yet.


Can I pass a set of 3-tuples as a data source to a Datalog query and treat it exactly as I would a Datomic database value? I think I read it's possible, but can't really get it to work


Nvm I just had to remove the ? from datasources names


@val_waeselynck: here is a nice set of examples from Stuart for doing this: