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Hi, I am working on a visualisation of a distribution over a geographic display with Oz. Just realised that geoshapes will not do for detail. can a geotiff be used in Oz (vega-lite) as background to a geographic display? (how could it be setup? If not is there a gis api for rendering a map with my coordinates overlayed for clojure?


Hi @adamgefen. Thanks for bringing up this issue.


I've actually already got an issue up for integration with the leaflet maps api:


I still need to do some investigation to sort out the details of the integration, but if you're inspired, please feel free to experiment and report back in the issue.


I think more or less there will have to be a different front end reagent component (or embed component for static export for that matter), or maybe even just option to the existing function, that uses leaflet-vega for embed, rather than the vegaEmbed API.


that does looks interesting and promising @metasoarous