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Hello everyone. I'm excited to announce the release of oz 1.5.2. Oz is a simple Clojure & ClojureScript data visualization library built around Vega-Lite & Vega. In Vega-Lite & Vega, data visualizations are specified as pure data descriptions about how to map properties of your data and interactions to aesthetics of a visualization, and is thus an eminently Clojuresque approach to the art of data visualization Oz specifically comes with the following features: • REPL based workflow • Reagent components for dynamic web applications • Jupyter notebook support via the Clojupyter & IClojure kernels • Load markdown files, with a notation for embedding visualizations as code blocks • The ability to combine Vega-Lite & Vega with hiccup for creation of scientific documents • Export of visualizations and scientific documents to live/interactive html files via the export! function • A publish/sharing API which pushes visualizations or scientific documents (as pure data) to a GitHub gist, and prints out a url for loading them up from either the Vega Editor tool ( or via (for Vega(-Lite) + hiccup documents) To learn more about Vega-Lite, Vega or Oz, please check out Thanks for your time!

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