# datavis

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meow 19:17:08

@stathissideris: that looks really useful, thanks

meow 19:17:38

wish I had a better way of producing X3D files in my project - current approach runs out of memory

stathissideris 19:18:15

@meow: should be easy to wrap that with a nice interface that's a bit more clojury, right?

meow 19:19:12

I don't know but if so it would be great as blender is the swiss army knife of 3d graphics tools, especially for file import/export

meow 19:19:39

I don't use Blender, but only because I want to do everything in clojure

meow 19:19:58

I have it installed here, just keep myself from using it

stathissideris 20:24:47

why not mix and match tools? why are you so strict about sticking to clojure?

meow 20:26:21

because my ultimate target is to create a virtual reality universe and I won't get there using blender

meow 20:27:33

and the universe I am going to create is, um, complicated, to say the least

meow 20:29:24

I'm too impatient to wait for the singularity so I figured I would create one myself

meow 20:30:17

or more than one, but we'll start with one

meow 20:31:03

reality is just a recursive, axiomatic, rules-based process

meow 20:31:21

collect the whole set

meow 20:31:33

available at fine retailers everywhere

meow 20:32:01

oops, look at me, giving it all away again, when will I ever learn

meow 20:33:35

Alchemy: All for Free, Free for All

meow 20:33:56

Attempt 2.0

meow 20:36:41

What's Your Quest?

stathissideris 20:38:16

so I'm guessing you're inspired by this?

meow 20:39:24

and it shows

meow 20:39:41


meow 20:39:53

ruled the world back in 1999

meow 20:40:12

if you wrote perl you only wore black t-shirts

stathissideris 20:40:43

I did :simple_smile:

stathissideris 20:41:00

I can't believe I once liked perl

meow 20:42:08

with perl saying "code golf" is redundant