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@eggsyntax: So, what were some of the topics of conversations that you had related to data visualization?


I guess it centered around two topics: - JS libraries (D3, MathBox, ...) and how people were adapting those (typically stateful) libraries to clj/s, and especially the complications of adapting it to Om/Reagent. - Taking an SVG approach, which was easier to adapt idiomatically but (seemed like) more work. I've been taking the first approach, with MathBox, and creating an abstraction layer to do the translation between the separate idioms. I'm really curious to hear what other folks are doing, and how it's working out.


what about’s packages?


they make some nice looking SVGs, and should be working in clj/cljs (i just use them in clj occasionally)


i don’t believe they have the fanciness of any interaction with a server/Om kinda stuff, or 3d plotting like mathbox


though i admit to using jfreechart an embarrassing amount


@kephale: You mentioned that at the conj, and I've got a browser tab open but haven't gotten to take a look yet (I'm on vacation, so I'm being somewhat slack about stuff simple_smile )


yeah, i’m just quite excited about geom, although the fact that you have to build packages using the included tangle scripts irks me


I've used jfreechart back in my Java days, and liked it, although it def doesn't meet my current needs.


so my take on geom at the moment is, it is nice to hook into it, but if you want to hack it, it gets a little annoying


but the plotting code is concise, which is certainly appreciated


i was asking @georgek about the plans to opensource the code you two presented


i’m a bit more interested in having a cljs frontend to an always on clojure backend with streaming viz


We've been debating open sourcing it. It's built on an open source library, so our immediate instinct is to open source it, but at the same time, that's about half of our IP at this point 😜. It's definitely not at all mature yet, so we've been putting off the decision.


The cljs frontend/clj backend is definitely the path we're taking.


mmm fair point, all i have to say about that is, every time i’ve held onto a clojure package for much more than a year, someone ended up releasing something similar


Which would be great! We're all in favor of that. We'd just like to get somewhat closer to an MVP (and make cljs-mathbox more mature) before we consider releasing.


completely reasonable : )


i’ll still be anxiously awaiting


@kephale vectorz should be fairly competitive with anything else in pure Java, we adopted the EJML code for some of the linear algebra for example. Vectorz is probably faster than anything else for some other operations (ND-arrays, mutable views, subvector slicing etc.) since it uses specialised view representations which most other matrix libraries don't have.


@mikera aha, so its on EJML


i just switched from EJML to ojAlgo to get better performance on large matrix sizes


I recently started using geom to created geometric objects to output as X3D files to use for 3D printing.


I'm not crazy about the org mode tangle scripts either. I mostly just navigate the source code using Cursive in IntelliJ.