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For anyone using Datascript on the frontend: added tuple values & pull-many to posh "0.5.7" & re-posh "0.3.1". Thanks to denistakeda for taking over Posh maintenance & cutting these releases.


Thats great. I'm going to try and evaluate a small project using re-posh. At the same time as fulcro. Re-posh has the same interaction with react's framework as re-frame right?


@U0DJ4T5U1 Can you clarify the question? (Re-posh doesn't interact with re-frame directly. It just provides the "re-frame wiring" over Posh & re-frame. Posh is the underlying library provides the "reactive atoms" over Datascript. Re-frame is the only piece that touches react [through its own dependency, Reagent.])


I see, I temporarily forgot that reframe has nothing to do with react really. So my question was confusing in two ways. I suppose im curious how the reactive atoms are built.


I don't think I could give a satisfactory answer on that, as there's quite a bit of magic going on there still for me. I did a bit of digging though: Posh references reagent.ratom/make-reaction. Posh's own usage of make-reaction: Reagent writeup on how reactions work: Code definition of make-reaction:


Exactly how Posh applies the usage of make-reaction isn't clear to me, though you can see that it uses it to deregister tracking some queries whenever a reaction is disposed