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seems like the same issue there always is mapping lists to a relational model, and people do that all the time. I think I would abandon the vector, insert each part of the vector as a fact, and add some kind of join relation that tracks which list and what position in the list each item is in


I'm assuming you mean something like :modal/arg1, :modal/arg2, ... along with a :modal/numArgs? I can see how you'd reconstruct the arglist, though I'm not sure what :db/type you'd make the args in this case. (FYI I ended up just serializing the :arguments to a Transit string. Some perf loss but acceptable for my use case.)


Say n is some member of the vector, have facts like [n :vector/member-of somenameoridforvector] and [n :vector/index somenumber]


And then you can have whatever other facts you want to store the actual value whatever that is