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@niko963 Do you think there will be value in a simplified cljs port of declarative dataflow to the client side (a datascript to the datomic if you will) or do you think the wasm build can be small enough? I'm quite interested in where this is going and how I could be involved.

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I would spend a good amount of time trying to get the WASM size manageable, before attempting a port. Getting the latter correct is doable (and I am interested in trying at some point) but definitely non-trivial (even with all the simplifications we could make). There will probably be more things to figure out in getting everything to work end-to-end, which is what I would like to focus on first, before worrying too much about bundle size. If you are interested in either approach we could jump on a Skype call or something and I can walk you through what would have to be done.