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anyone had any luck with quickly serializing/deserializing datascript dbs with lots of datoms?


@isak What have you tried? Have you seen datascript-transit?


Or do you need to incremental updates to the serialization/deserialization?


@petterik I've tried that one (datascript-transit - seems to optimize for size rather than speed), fressian, and just got nippy to work with it. But not happy with the performance yet - takes several seconds to serialize just 30 mb of data. Curious if other people have looked into this and found something they are happy with.

Braden Shepherdson19:10:37

running in which environment, for reference?


clojure on windows


What I did is to serialize everything, not just :eavt datoms, because I think it is too slow to have to sort many times when loading the data

Braden Shepherdson20:10:42

how does datascript store the indices? are they sorted arrays or some other structure? it seems like a bulk-loading API would be useful.


It just uses this structure: The constructors for these are public, so I just used those