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hey @tonsky (and others potentially) i was wondering


so i really like datascript as an in-mem db solution


and for games, it can potentially overlap two nice design ideas: "entity component system" architecture, where entities are just given by same identity relationally, and "prototype inheritance" which we can do by recursive rule matching


and being able to do this without having to thing about schemas too much upfront is a huge win


i work on a JS environment where you can make native UIs for phone plus also recently do OpenGL rendering -- it's not browser, it's react-native plus our own runtime -- gonna play with using it to maybe do some games / simulations


so i had one question tho


if we were looking to maybe impl datascript's API but could do it over say JS bindings to some native in-memory DB underneath


what DB would be a good fit?


something in C++ could be neat because compiles on both iOS and Android and I can expose it through JavaScriptCore (that's how I did OpenGL)


[if you are curious, describes a game engine i worked on that has live coding and visual editing and stores game data in a relational way much like datascript/datomic, section 2.1 is most relevant, it's C + Lua though]