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Guys, an important announcment: DataScript 0.12 (latest is 0.12.1) introduced :db/index attribute from now on, only refs/unique values will be indexed in AVET by default (EAVT and AEVT will still contain everything) The upside of this change is a) some perf gains (1/3 less indexes to fill) and b) you can safely store non-comparable values as long as you don’t specify :db/index for them Here is detailed explanation, migration strategy etc


Upgrade carefully


@tonsky: Out of interest, have you ever considered making Datascript durable?


Eventually, yes


One more announcement for today: I guess many people might benefit from that It’s not rocket science, but I don’t want every person out there figuring that stuff on their own again and again


@tonsky: nice! I just cribbed code that does this from your todo example, for serializing to s3