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I really like the bitemporality of crux, but like the way datomic is organized (in datoms). Why isn't is a database that could have both? 😄

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we are unlikely to ship anything in the near future...but it's definitely already possible to build your own datoms implementation 🙂 (sorry I don't have a directly usable sample to offer, but I'd be happy to provide more context if there's interest)

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yes, I have the same feeling as expressed by @U3Y18N0UC. I know of the set of trade-offs choose by the Crux team


@U899JBRPF can you elaborate on that? I'm looking at your gist right now, but I'm not sure how to use these functions. I did try to transact [[:crux.tx/fn :add ...lots-of-combinations-here..]] but nothing worked 😞


Wait, nevermind: found out my error. It's [[:crux.tx/fn :add :attribute "Value"]]. I was also missing a schema, so changing attributes were becoming sets 😄


oh! right, yeah that'll do it 😁


this was my schema I was using whilst testing that;

{:crux.db/id :schema
    :some/att {:crux.db/cardinality :crux.db.cardinality/one}
    :ref/att {:crux.db/cardinality :crux.db.cardinality/one
              :crux.db/value-type :crux.db.type/ref}}