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I have a really strange issue. I’ve been building up a DB over time and it has suddenly stopped working - eg. when I query to find something that I’ve transacted, it doesn’t find it. I think that at a certain point the entity ids have stopped incrementing, leading to all sorts of problems with data being overwritten etc.

(:tx-data (d/transact! conn [{:a 1}]))
=> [#datalevin/Datom[536921769 :a 1]]
(:tx-data (d/transact! conn [{:b 1}]))
=> [#datalevin/Datom[536921769 :b 1]]
The entity id for new data is always 536921769. If I transact that same data against a new database then I get different entity ids. Am I hitting a limit somewhere?


the max eid right now is 2147483647, so I am not sure where 536921769 come from. Maybe it’s something else.


maybe file an issue and I will look into it


Fixed in 0.6.18