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Patrick Brown16:06:11

So, I'm running into this while running version "0.5.1506". I was including the namespace datahike.api in a cljs file and evaluating it in a shadow repl. 22 The required namespace "clojure.core.cache.wrapped" is not available, it was required by "datahike/db.cljc". 23 "clojure/core/cache/wrapped.clj" was found on the classpath. Maybe this library only supports CLJ? As this was just me experimenting at the REPL with an idea for browser front-end storage, I've got nothing useful to offer. Quickly glancing the require in the source [clojure.core.cache.wrapped :as cw] is in the cljc portion of the datahike.db namespace. Everything looks in order. Could have been something I did. No Idea. Thought you should know.


Sorry, cljs-support is still very much wip. Don't know what the current status is. @U05095F2K probably knows more about it.

Patrick Brown16:06:28

Cheers for the reply. I like what you folks are doing. I imagine CLJS is low in the priorities. I’ll keep checking in with Datahike and wishing it well.