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Pick Datahike if your app has modest requirements towards a typical durable database, e.g. a single machine and a few millions of entities at maximum...Pick Datomic if you already know that you will need scalability later  
Where do the scalability limitations come from? What does datomic do differently there?


Hi @arohner. Datahike so far does all in one. It is a transactor and a query engine with all the indexing involved and a persisting backend if you choose so. Datomic afaik is a more distributed system with a transactor on its own and local peers that do the querying and indexing. We are working hard on performance improvements and there are already first attempts on pulling out the transactor: For further questions it is probably better to join our Discord:


@arohner Worth noting that the hitchiker tree offers some nice flexibility for tuning performance towards writes versus reads, as I understand it. Not sure how well exposed this is at present, but as datahike matures, and the transactor is able to run separately from the rest of the system, I think we'll see that it is very competitive in throughput/performance.

Björn Ebbinghaus19:05:28

There will be a talk about Datahike at the :clojureD in june.

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