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Are there any difference in the API between DataScript and Datahike?


@raspasov as mentioned in the post. All API calls return core.async channels when in ClojureScript. This is due to the requirements for persistence and having a single threaded environment. Currently this is also true for in-memory since we interact with the hitchhiker-tree asynchronously. Also worth noting that you can optionally have async on the JVM as well which results in the same API. Aside from that the difference is the addition of API’s which provide more compatibility with what you would see in using the Datomic peer.


@U05095F2K thanks for the response! Ok, good to know about the core.async channels. So there’s a bit of a difference there (but not critical). What about: • schema • queries • transactions Aka, is one “supposed” to be able to take their DataScript code and use it with Datahike? I completely understand if you can’t provide a guarantee 🙂 Just looking for the general expectation.


Yes you should be able to take Datascript code and use Datahike with the introduction of the channels on cljs side. Additions include schema-on-write, history queries, etc. Feel free to join our Discord ( invite in channel description) and ask questions there. I am happy to continue answering here but the loss of history makes it difficult for others to see these answers.

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