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@lepistane - I think if your site is simple then Python is the simpler choice. libpython-clj involves some setup that can be tough especially for beginners - specifically it relies on having access to the python shared library which isn't always installed or isn't always installed in the right place. As your site gets more complex and you can leverage more of the Clojure ecosystem around SPA's meaning fulcro or reframe or the like then things start to even out. But initially for just exposing a model I would recommend you use flask or fastapi or something like that. Bridging the two languages can be a sticking point at times.

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Jacob Rosenzweig04:07:53

I always recommend flask or fastapi for model serving. I see no point in serving a model in any other language, unless you need response times quicker than the default with any http traffic. It's hard to prototype and develop while writing in ffi bindings.