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I’ve been browsing job ads lately and it’s a depressing ocean of python data science positions, seems like world domination is complete 😄 out of curiosity are there companies out there using clojure or at least FP-inclined for data science? besides consultancies. just interesting in reading some stories


I finished my last Python job (the startup died due to Covid) in August and have been trying to land a Clojure job but dunno, without success, I’m turning to Python and ML again :man-shrugging:


ah sorry to hear that 😕 my company let go someone in my team due to restructuring and he’s also having a hard time finding a job because we were mostly doing ML with R and there’s like 0 jobs for that


I suspect the largest intersection of FP-inclined languages and data science jobs would be firms that leverage Scala + Spark.

Thomas Harned01:10:14

I’ll echo @U7XR2PZFW on this. If you look for jobs that are heavy in spark and/or scala, you’re likely to find more FP minded teams. Python may still be the primary language used, but there will often be opportunities to use other languages as well.

Anthony Khong01:10:37

I used to work in, and they have a big data science and engineering team. The main stack is Spark + Scala with a big emphasis on FP. Perhaps the only exception was developing deep learning algorithms, which was done in Python.

David Pham14:10:06

To be completely fair, it is a lower risk to have your ML team working in python. And doing ML+Data Science in Clojure does provide advantages, but you need to have a team of really good people and keep them.


I am setting up a team in a manufacturing company for product and production optimization with clojure and ML.

David Pham11:11:11

So cool, which stack are you going to use? Custom?


@U011J2CQT0F pure Clojure ML stack?


Mostly. As there are not too many complicated use cases at the moment.