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Hi there! Oz question: is there any reason why it would be impossible to use oz/view! on a remote machine via an SSH tunnel? I need to work this way because the source data I'm working on does not fit on my machine.


Should be able to


Just don't send all the data over 😉


Are you running oz/view! on the remote machine, or just storing the data remotely, grabbing it with clojure, and running oz/view! locally?


I feel like you mean the former (otherwise the data has to be in local memory anyway), which makes me suspect Oz would start the webserver on the remote machine, which might not work?


@U05092LD5 the 1st one indeed, with an ssh tunnel to the Oz port


Let me know how it goes, sounds fun 🙂


@U05092LD5 Well, for now, it goes absolutely nowhere, as os/view! just hangs. I'm suspecting it's trying to open a browser, which might be disappointing on an EC2 instance


@U05100J3V do you confirm it should work, now that I've clarified how I'm using oz/view! as per @U05092LD5's question?


@U05092LD5 @U05100J3V OK I got it to work, I probably had an issue of how I configured my SSH tunnel. Let me investigate the exact cause of the 1st failure I had and come back to you.


OK, I haven't been able to reproduce the initial issue, so I'm guessing oz/view! hanging was due to an initial error I had (missing an xdg-open lib on the OS) which probably put Oz in a bad state. Aside from that, working over the SSH tunnel works well. One thing that tripped me over was that I needed to load the webpage before calling oz/view! , which is a problem you don't have on a local machine as it will open the webpage for you in a browser.


I'm already in love with the reactive "plot from your REPL" UX, thanks for the good work @U05100J3V!


Awesome! That's great to hear. Thanks for the feedback! 😊


@U06GS6P1N How did you configure the browser? Did you configure xdg_open to open a browser back over the tunnel?


No I didn't configure anything. I just manually open the browser at the right time on my dev laptop.