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I was interested to see that Rmarkdown’s knitr now has a clojure language engine going under the moniker ‘lein’. Apart from listing it’s existence I haven’t seen any documentation in the R world, so thought I’d ask here. Does anyone know anything more about this feature?


@grumplet - I think the people who would know most about this subject can be found here: And they would love to talk to you about it 🙂.

Daniel Slutsky21:03:56

@grumplet @chris441 thanks! Now I'm curious too. I'll try to understand what it is about. Edit: curious, not furious

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Daniel Slutsky22:03:56

It seems that the lein knit engine was kindly added by knitr's author Yihui Xie long time ago, without being aware too much of Clojure habits and problems. It seems to run a new lein process for every lein block, rather than keeping a clojure process to communicate with. I know someone who tried to wrie a more complete solution based on nrepl protocol, but this has never become a library (yet). @grumplet do you imagine it could be useful?