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David Pham21:02:28

@chris441 thanks a lot for libpython-clj. I have more fun coding python in Clojure than using raw python xD

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Have you tried Hy? It might be an easier sell to colleagues (or might not…)

David Pham21:02:40

My colleagues will hate me.

David Pham21:02:00

We should still find a way to have concurrency and then it will be a killer.


Clojure's concurrency/parallelism primitives are superior to Python's. So the best route is the break your problem up such that you can use both languages where they are strongest. Another option will be to get libpython-clj working with graalvm and launch several lightweight processes. I think those are going to be the only options for some time. This has been discussed ad nauseum in an early issue.

David Pham14:02:46

I think GraalVM seems interesting. But it would python from Graal right?


Or python from clojure from graal.