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Daniel Slutsky09:12:56

The Guix-Jupyter meeting we discussed several weeks ago is going to happen on January. Poll for the meeting time: @mkvlr @kharbo


@daslu is the time already set for this? I’ll be on PST then so I guess I’m getting up early…

Daniel Slutsky10:12:25

Hi @mkvlr, no, we are just checking some possible dates. I'll ask Ludo if later hours may be ok for him.


cool, thank you!

Daniel Slutsky15:12:41

Hi @mkvlr, we updated the poll: Ludo can begin one hour later -- 3pm UTC -- hoping it helps a little bit. (An even later hour would already be problematic for him.)


@daslu great, thanks!


For those interested in the slides from a great Neurips 2019 tutorial on links between Deep Learning and Bayesian principles:

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