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New release of libpython-clj (1.20)! Thanks to help by jjtolton, joinr, and gilch and a few others we have two large new pieces that move us measurably closer to having a great Python development/production environment in Clojure. The changelog has the details but we now support require-python that works just like require. It does an initialize call if one isn't done already, loads the module into a namespace, and then does the 'require' of that namespace into your current one. It supports 'reload' for when you are developing a new python module to make it smoother to develop new functionality in Python. We also support creating python classes in clojure. So you can create a new python class purely in clojure that will call into your clojure functions including the 'self' argument. This allows us to interact with toolkits that require extension-by-derivation and is also just kind of fun to use. It's up on Clojars now, Enjoy!! <>

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