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Hey is open for registration - It would be great getting some more Clojurists there


Just wanted to let everyone know that @mkvlr gave an amazing demo of Nextjournal today. I was blown away! You see one notebook environment (Mathematica, Sage, Jupyter, Gorilla REPL), you think you've seen them all. But Nextjournal is really something special. There's a ton more that it can do than meets the eye. If you're into notebooks, do yourself a favor and take some time to really dig into it. Excited to see what comes next!


thanks you @metasoarous! 😊 If anybody here is interested in a demo or playing with it, please let me know!

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is the demo recorded somewhere?


I'd be interested as well, but may not be able to use a hosted system for what I need to do as the data is sensitive


didn’t record it but planning on releasing a video with similar content. But will probably be still a few weeks. @U06BE1L6T happy to give it to you again sometime next week though. @U0525KG62 we do allow to access private data from github and S3/google cloud storage. Similar to a CI service, this data doesn’t stay on our servers after a run. We also have an on-premise option.

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Hey All, I'm pleased to announce Hanami 0.8.0, the go to lib/(optional) framework for developing your Vega/Vega-Lite powered domain specific visualization applications. This version involves some significant refactoring to make development of client only applications both simpler and easier. Client and server side support and APIs are now even more consistent and symmetric in capabilities and resources. Some new template and substitution key capabilities are also included. In addition there is also now callback support for picture frames.


There is loads and loads of new documentation which now covers most aspects of developing and using server and client applications and also client only applications. There is also a new example client only application