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@daslu I’m in. Right now I’m building a dashboard web app for monitoring system: 4 line plots, 4-5 controllers etc. and would love to build it in Clojure(script) if I find some guidance at the beginning, although I’m building it in Python(Bokeh).

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@jsa-aerial is there a way to render a static chart into jpg/png file just from data and description from clojure using Saite or Hanami?


Yes. Simplest is to use Saite. The defaults Saite uses support saving as either png or svg. When you render a chart (either via the modal popup using the client editor pane, or the hmi/sv! function on server side) the visualization will also have a circle with three dots (...) in the upper right (it is 'dim' until you mouse over it). Click that and the options are displayed.


thank you! I'll give it a try soon. I plan to generate a bunch of charts for documentation.


That's definitely doable - I've done it. But it is not super convenient when you are talking a lot of charts/plots. The capability is directly from Vega-Embed and does not offer an option to give a specific name. If this is something that you would tend to do on a regular basis, you might want to weigh in on