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Weird question: has anyone tried/had any luck calling clojure code from R?


I can find a couple of options for the reverse, but none for clojure from R. I suspect that mihgt be telling me something…

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I would think that going over a socket interface between R and Clojure would be the simpler/better approach. Then use the transformers (between R dataframes/whatnot and Clj stuff) in . Of course this assumes the work over on Clj side swamps the network call overhead...


Thanks for the links, guys. Starting to think it may just be easier to work in clojure. Is gorilla-repl fully abandoned now?


No, I wouldn't say it is fully abandoned, but there is now (I understand - haven't actually used it) reasonably good Clj for Jupyter notebooks


Ah that sounds great. Thank you for your help

Daniel Slutsky15:07:58

rincanter has been continued by @carsten.behring here: It is quite useful, but still have some holes to be filled.

Daniel Slutsky15:07:54

For calling clojure from R, it might be interesting to use the existing nrepl-client that was once written for R: .


Yeah, that does look interesting. Didn't even know about this.

Daniel Slutsky20:07:47

Maybe the author, @U6A2KEKKQ, may have further comments on experience calling clojure from R using R-nREPL.


thx the link! ps. I really like this project too .. use R like PHP (not so secure.. but could create interesting integrations with other hands). I used few times in the past.