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Hi there, just to say that I will take the lead on the ipython integration. The bulk of the work has already been done by Rory Kirchner in fixes the make install command (PR to come). I will comeback tomorrow with a document explaning what my train ride thought me about integrating clojupyter as a leiningen plugin


@didiercrunch cool! keep us up to date, I'm definitely be interested. would be keen to hear your roadmap when you have a chance!


I thought the reactive notebook outlined at might be of interest to some here, especially those who were at the EuroClojure data science unsession. It seems like a literate programming environment + repl combo (a la Jupyter, and modulo Gorilla and org-mode) is a missing part of the Clojure data science ecosystem (but exciting to hear people are actively working on Jupyter integration). The talk by Mike Bostock linked on the Observable home page is worth a watch. I think Clojure(Script) provides a really great language platform for a reactive notebook interface. Food for thought is all.


@chrjs sounds cool. Are there any demos?


@hswick It’s demonstrated in the talk, which is available in written form here, but there’s no code in the wild yet, afaik.


Hello, guys! Did you see talk from last Clojure/conj about dl4j from Will Hoyt? He shows examples with some wrapper on dl4j. I found his github repo, but it’s empty 🙂 I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so -- can I find it somewhere?


@rustam.gilaztdinov the link is here, going to be merging to master after some final review:


@chrjs seems cool. was thinking of forking the nightlight project and doing something similar


its just reactive programming, and cljs is really good at that


My thoughts exactly!