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Hi Data-Sciencers, I'm writing a Clojure library for TensorFlow. I'd like to understand where the library needs to be in order for people to consider it worth trying or using. If possible, I'd prefer to have one-on-one conversations rather than a group discussion. You can direct message me here, or else write me (see for address). I'll be using feedback to guide my development efforts, as well as the content of the presentation I'm giving at Conj in October. thanks!


Here are some questions I'm hoping to get answers to: - What languages and libraries (if any) do you currently use for machine learning work? - Do you do ML at work, as a hobby, or both? - What concerns do you have (if any) about using clojure with TF? - What would you need to see from a clojure+TF library in order to consider using it? Specific cases or features would be great. - What would you find most compelling to see in a presentation of a clojure+TF library?


Main question is in what way does Clojure assist users of Tensor Flow in ways that other languages can’t? Currently writing my own wrapper around deeplearning4j so I’m also asking myself similar questions


Yeah, agreed that's a core question. My target audience is someone who already prefers clojure, so hopefully they already know some answers. But, it's on me to make sure I bring the benefits of clojure-style development to TF. I think I'm doing that, but it's helpful to get guidance, or at least validation, from others.


also, awesome that you're working on a wrapper for deeplearning4j. I'd be very happy to have a lot more ML (and related data science) going on in clojure, regardless of libraries. (I'm not at all married to TF).


did you see that there's someone speaking about clojure+deeplearning4j at conj in oct?


one more thing: let me know if I can do anything to help


Agreed, at this point in the state of clojure’s ML ecosystem I think we should be making as much stuff as we can and let the best library win! Our community will be the optimization algorithm 😂


I hadn’t checked the speaker list in a while. Are you referring to William Hoyt? I couldn’t find any of his work on github. I plan on attending, so I’ll definitely have to get in touch with him.


Here are links to everything I’ve been working on for analytics in Clojure. You may find them useful especially the graphing library.


Feel free to contribute!


And best of luck with what you are working on as well!


"What would you need to see from a clojure+TF library in order to consider using it? Specific cases or features would be great." Personally, the main appeal for a tool like this would be the ability to use TF alongside the JVM Big Data tools (Spark & such) without dealing with the cognitive costs of switching languages.


@U04VAD6RL thanks! Love your blogs!