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@yogidevbear: not yet, but it's in my list. Have you started reading it?


Nope, haven't bought it yet. I'm interested to hear peoples opinions on the book and on the explanations offered for the mathematical formula's, etc, in the book. Most of the symbols used in the formulas are Greek to me 😉


So would be useful to know how well the book explains/teaches this as you work through it


Clojure for Data Science is a good, solid introduction to the field of data science. You can work through it as a course, in fact it almost seems set up like a good textbook. I really liked it, and found it useful. The topics are those you really need to understand to call oneself a data scientist, but all done in Clojure.


Agree with @nkraft , in general it’s a solid introduction to the field and the libraries available in clojure’s environment. However, I’m still waiting for something like but in Clojure 🙂


I like that book too, and Python is used in the data science field a lot more than Clojure. That makes it a pretty darn good intro text.