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Ahh finally some conversations 😉 thanks guys


FYI, I created this channel because I’m doing some beginning data-science for my company, and will be doing much more in the near future. From my experience, the nature of my problems in doing data-science using Clojure is the tools, either the tools I know do not provide all necessary features that I need, or that I don’t know the existence of such tools that give me what I need. Since I prefer to do this in Clojure, then perhaps a “generic” channel for data-science would be a good place to start to discuss which tools (or methods) available in Clojure’s environment to help us get the jobs done. I’m also interested in data visualisation part of the job, so far I’m mostly using Mathematica for visualisation, but hopefully we can move towards cljs-based data visualisation since all other part of our web app already in Clj/Cljs. Having said that, feel free to suggest a better topic for the channel.


@squest: thanks for creating the channel. For visualization, I am hoping to use Vega via cljsjs . The idea is that you create a data structure, evaluate it, and get a nice cartoon.


@aaelony: thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into it.