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Yehonathan Sharvit03:07:01

Could you let your friends and colleagues now that the final version of Data-Oriented Programming has been released?;t=XAbHPLtGVVCJLj64I4pGtg

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Daniel Jomphe19:07:18

Hi people! Quite curious about this book. how useful is it to Clojure developers? Here we're all in with a few months/years of experience with Clojure, coming from typical engineering backgrounds with e.g. Java / C#. Might we learn a lot from this book or should Clojure already have sufficiently nudged us towards Data oriented principles by default?


Are you asking for yourself or for clojure developers in general?


I found Data Oriented Programming useful in the same way I found Elements of Clojure useful. It didn't introduce radically new concepts, but it helped name / crystallize impressions I'd had.

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Daniel Jomphe12:07:48

Both! Thanks for your own answer!

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Rob Haisfield22:07:26

I will say that I really wish the pseudocode were in Clojure instead of JavaScript. I’m weird in that Clojure is the only programming language I’ve spent time learning but JS just isn’t easily readable for me

Rob Haisfield22:07:58

But also I’m a relative beginner so I might just not be the target audience

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